Git me a basil turkey-prosciutto sammich!

Yes, it was as good as it looks.

Yes, it was as good as it looks.

I love sandwiches. Big time. I am particularly passionate about heated ones, and have been since I was old enough to work a toaster.

Last week Gill and I made one that was particularly excellent. We’re temporarily in Dahlgren, VA for one of my Navy schools, and we were fortunate to get a place with a tiny little kitchen. No toaster, but it does have a two-burner stove, which will do until we get to Hawaii and are reunited with our Griddler.

So here’s what you need to recreate this sandwich. It’s obviously open for variations that suit you.

  • 1 package of prosciutto.
  • 1 package of basil turkey (courtesy of our friend Trader Joe).
  • Sliced Pepperjack cheese.
  • Tomatoes (sliced).
  • Hummus of your choice (Again, we used Trader Joe’s Mediterranean blend).
  • Lettuce of your choice.


  1. Slice tomatoes. Put a larger skillet or frying pan on the stove. Set to low.
  2. Divide out the desired amount of prosciutto and basil turkey for each sandwich. Place on the skillet. It should sizzle a little bit but not too much. Prosciutto is generally a little chewy, so I put that on the pan first to firm it up a bit
  3. Place tomatoes on top of meat.
  4. Place cheese on top of tomato. When it melts it keeps the tomatoes from sliding around.
  5. When cheese starts to melt, use a spatula to pick everything up. Place bread on skillet and put meat back on the bread. The bread will also soak up the juices the meat has left in the pan, which is a plus.
  6. Cook until bread is brown on the bottom. Place other piece of bread on and flip over and brown.
  7. Remove from heat. Take the non-cheese side bread off and spread a liberal amount of hummus and add lettuce.
  8. Enjoy.

8 Responses to Git me a basil turkey-prosciutto sammich!

  1. Kathleen says:

    This looks delicious. I do like a good sammich! And who knew Dahlgren would have Trader Joe’s!

  2. bbbliteration says:

    Yeah, not so much. Dahlgren doesn’t have a single taxi (as we found out last night after some drinkin’) let alone a Trader Joes. We hit up the one in Fairfax before we came down here.

  3. Sheridan says:

    Ok. Not to nit pick. But. A very big important ingredient was left out and if chosen poorly can totally ruin the sandwich; bread. We need guidance on the bread Brian. White? Wheat? Sourdough? Sliced? Rolled? Your variety looks like it has some sort of sesame seeding in it which is always a plus in my book.

    Sorry there are no taxis in Dahlgren; that sucks. However, I am very happy you discovered a delicious sandwich to enjoy.

  4. bbbliteration says:

    Very good point Sheridan, and we certainly put some thought into the bread. This was a Trader Joe ( you might sense a theme here) 10-grain wheat. I am also partial to sour dough, and generally stay away from plain ole’ white bread.

    Let me tell you, the sandwiches help us make it through the day.

  5. Nicole says:

    Thank you, Empire, for helping me improve my marriage. You see, I have this debilitating fear of the kitchen that somtimes put a strain on our relationship. Can you hear Andrew? He’s asking me to remove his chains and let him leave the kitchen for once. ‘No! Get back in there! Make me a cake!’ You see? It’s terrible? So when I came across this sandwich, I thought, ‘Hey, I can handle that. And maybe I’ll earn me some points (and possible buy me another few months before I have to go back into that kitchen).’ I made this sandwich this afternoon and FINALLY made my man happy, culinarily speaking. I improvised a bit because we have sort of a shabby chic grocery store… plain turkey and no basil, so I did arugula, provolone (why not?), prosciutto, hummus (awesome touch!) and some decent wheat bread. Hit the spot! Thanks, Brian, and thank YOU, George Foreman!

  6. Brian says:

    I’m glad I have shown you the way to please your man…in the kitchen…culinarlily speaking.

    The Foreman grill I’m sure is a nice touch, and Gill is the mastermind behind the hummus addition (we had a trial round of this sandwich the day before this one, and some crucial improvements were certainly made).

  7. Melia says:

    This looks a-mazing. You can work wonders with grilled sandwiches. Nicole, just rotate the ingredients and keep your man happy! I’m a fan of grilled swiss cheese with sauteed mushrooms. Mmm.

  8. […] latest favorite is this sandwich, except in my cheapness I substituted the hummus, lettuce and prosciutto with mustard. I made a […]

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