Knock-You-Naked Margaritas

My friend Patrick introduced me to this frosty little concoction because I have a problem with most margaritas. Specifically, they give me a really bad buzz. I know what you all are thinking: “But Ide! Are you not the same lady who used to drink Superior Grill out of tequila every Thursday night during college?” To which I reply: “Yes. Yes I am. But I’m old now, and I can no longer survive on queso dip and frozen drinks alone.”

Plus, that was still a really bad buzz. Just ask Darren or Joe or anyone else we called to pick us up.

These are different and quite tasty; they won’t actually knock you naked. I promise. It isn’t like that time Gill and I made sangria for Ann Hermes’ going-away party.


1 can frozen limeade concentrate
Tequila (Use something classy, like Cuervo Gold. It makes a big difference.)
1 Corona

Pour the frozen limeade concentrate in a pitcher. Fill the empty limeade can up with 7-Up and add it to the pitcher. Fill the can with tequila and add it to the pitcher. (It looks like a lot of tequila, but it’s not; if you don’t believe me, you can cut it down to 3/4 of can.) Pour the bottle of Corona into the pitcher and stir. Serve immediately, on the rocks. Perfect for sitting on the porch during summer months or cursing out Sarah Palin during the vice-presidential debate.


One Response to Knock-You-Naked Margaritas

  1. Gilliebean says:

    Hells yeah, Ide! I am so making these when Angie and Lauren get in tomorrow night. I’ve been meaning to for awhile, and it’s like you read my mind.

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