Shrimp and Veggie Quinoa

I think I’m going to start doing experiment Mondays.  Basically take a bunch of randoms from the fridge and pantry and see if I can make something tasty.  I’m on week number two and still going strong.

This week, we’ll call it Shrimp and Veggie Quinoa.

Shrimp & Veggie Quinoa


Shrimp, peeled and deveined
Onion, chopped
Garlic, minced
Tomatoes, diced and seeded
Broccoli, steamed
Chicken Broth
Olive Oil
Teriyaki Sauce
Red Pepper Flakes
Tony Chacheres

    First, start cooking the quinoa.  I cooked it in the rice cooker instead of on the stovetop, so easy.  And I used chicken broth instead of water to give it some added flavor.

    While that is going, chop up the onion and garlic.  You can use however much you want really.  I was cooking for two, and used half an onion, two garlic cloves, two roma tomatoes, about a cup and a half of broccoli, and about 12 or so shrimp.  You could really use any and all vegetables you have though.  Just use what you got.

    Anyways, in a wok or sauté pan, heat up a couple tablespoons of olive oil.  Toss in the onions and garlic.   Once that is just about done, add a couple tablespoons of teriyaki sauce.  Sprinkle the shrimp with some Tony’s and add that to the pot.   Once the shrimp is almost pink, add in the tomatoes and broccoli.  Sprinkle in some red pepper flakes.  Finish cooking through and serve over the quinoa.

    Et voila… dinner.


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